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Elizabeth "Cissie" Macdonald

Elizabeth Davidson Macdonald


My grandmother was an entrepreneurial type of tough Scottish woman. To support her family while my grandfather fought in World War I, she baked pies and sold them from her pram with my father in the carriage. Fresh pies kept the baby warm and added an income that was needed to keep the family from starving during those hard times.

After the war she brought my dad and aunt to the United States where they settled in Rochester, New York.  A domestic her entire life, cleaning and cooking for the wealthy in town, she found that her talents were a gift and passed them on to my mother. In 1982 she gave me her prized shortbread recipe which I held on to not knowing what to do with it.

"Cissie" (as my Uncle Abe called her) made her shortbread only at Christmas time and special occasions as the recipe was expensive to make and the arthritis in her hands kept her from being able to do it most of the year. She had a joy about life that I hope is reflected in this family recipe that is carried on now by my mother and by me as a third generation shortbread baker.

Cissie would say to us; "Whits for ye'll no go past ye!" If its meant to be it will be. 

We believe our Scottish shortbread and Scottish gifts will bring you a wee bit of history and family tradition. Enjoy!

Margaret Macdonald
Ian Macdonald and Maggie Tobin

Margaret Macdonald

Ian Macdonald

Maggie Tobin


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