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Here you will find the different kinds of shortbread we make in our Scottish kitchen. All our products are made by hand using only the finest ingredients available. Imported Irish butter, the finest caster sugar and flour sourced in our Upstate, New York area.

Homemdae Millionaire Scottish Shortbread
cutting our shortbread by hand

Millionaire Shortbread

Fresh Orange Cranberry

Specialty shortbread packaging

No two fingers are alike!

Specialty labels for 
Events or Holidays

The Flavors We Make

Traditional Scottish Shortbread

Almond Shortbread


Toffee w/ Chocolate Drizzle

Orange Cranberry


Not all flavors are available at all times. We bake according to season and tastes. All our flavors are available to purchase throughout the year. Reach out with an email, see us on Facebook or give us a call.

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